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December 2009


Nice article, except that really the Republican Party is NOT the "Party of Abraham Lincoln". John Fremont was the Republican Candidate for President in 1856. Lincoln won in 1860 with 39 per cent of the vote only due to a three way split in the Democrat Party. The Lincoln victory in the election of 1864 would not pass the Jimmy Carter "honest elections" test of foreign nations in the world today.

Thomas Jefferson created the original Republican Party. Andrew Jackson morphed it into the Democrat Party. Ronald Reagan restored the Republican Party to its Jeffersonian principles, somewhat.

Bush made the Republican Party like "Democrat-lite", less taxing and spending than Democrats, but barely. The taxpayers got sick of the Tax and Spend RepubliCrats, or is it DemoCans, so voted the RINO (Republican In Name Only) elected servants OUT of elective office, and gave a chance to the DEMOcans, who have done even more taxing and spending than the RINO RepubliCrats.

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